Quick question: Do you know if your marketing services partner is driving value to your business?

At first glance, it seems like a simple question. But thinking about it further, there’s much to consider. Many providers merely sell services, like data management, print and digital content — and their rate cards reflect only these basics. Others, like Quad/Graphics, spend time listening to the industry, prospects and clients to better understand what’s most important.

We’ve had our ears to the ground listening, listening, and listening some more so as to appreciate their pain-points. Here’s what we’ve been hearing:

  • They want assurances data won’t be compromised.
  • They want simplicity and efficiency.
  • They want a deeper connection with patients.
  • They want a partnership, not a vendor relationship.

So we rolled up our sleeves and focused our business model on what clients wanted instead of selling a suite of basic services. As a result, Quad/Graphics evolved. We transformed into a client-centric business that enriches provider-patient relationships.

How Quad connects the dots

Cybersecurity has been concern number-one with a bullet. Which is why we’ve invested significant time, energy and dollars achieving HITRUST CSF certification for our end-to-end marketing services. From access control to data transmission to job-tracking, private patient information is now more secure every step of the way.

Making life easier for our clients is a priority, too. Our HealthVision™ browser-based secure portal and data repository solution simplifies and automates member communications while meeting the highest standards of HITRUST, HIPAA and CMS audit requirements. Quad’s Healthcare Solutions provide regulatory peace of mind, data strategies to improve campaign effectiveness, optimized multi-channel campaign execution, and operational efficiencies in procurement, program and production management.

And in our experience, clients enjoy our willingness to sit down and listen to their needs. By collaborating, we investigate challenges and opportunities before building campaign strategies that connect with patients. Quad provides multi-channel solutions that facilitate lifecycle communications through meaningful and personalized outreach, guiding consumers through the benefits decision-making process, which leads to better engagement, awareness and understanding.

The Quad advantage

Quad delivers peace of mind — to you and to your patients — through our fully integrated Healthcare Solutions marketing services. We combine the benefits of advanced marketing practices with the benefits of HITRUST certification to help manage your customer communication more efficiently. As a result, Quad’s goal is for you to have more time in your day to focus on other initiatives since we’ll be shouldering most of the burden.

Contact us to learn more about Quad/Graphics’ commitment to risk mitigation, efficiency enhancement and patient engagement strategies. And if you’re curious about the importance of partnering with the right service provider, click here to download our Insight Paper, “Keys to Mitigating Risk and Driving Value with Your Marketing Partners.”

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