If you answered “yes,” how do you know? Is it because they just said so? Or is it because you know for a fact they work with leading-edge, risk-mitigation procedures?

It’s a question you need answered whether you’re working with a long-time marketing partner or looking for a new one. If you answered “no” or “I don’t know” to the headline question, read on for additional insight.

Clearly define your priorities

Provider and vendor priorities don’t always align, according to survey results from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). While healthcare providers listed (1) Patient Safety; (2) Privacy, Security and Cybersecurity; and (3) Process Improvement, Workflow, Change Management as their top three priorities, vendors ranked those same priorities at Nos. 7, 4 and 9, respectively.

To be clear, security fell a few spots lower for vendors than providers, while process improvement was significantly less important. At first glance, the message vendors are sending is that they often have their priorities top of mind instead of what the client needs and wants most.

Consider giving your marketing partners the HIMSS survey’s lists to uncover whether their priorities match up with yours. If not, a partner who places your needs ahead of theirs might serve you better.

Quad/Graphics delivers on industry needs

Quad/Graphics makes a concerted effort to align its business model with the needs of its customers. In the recent past, we recognized that data security, chain of custody and process improvement in the healthcare industry were critical priorities, so we rolled up our sleeves and made some changes.

As a result, we achieved HITRUST CSF certification, a time-intensive, deep dive into process improvement and risk mitigation. And as we’d hoped, this exercise has made Quad/Graphics a more valued partner for our customers. The HITRUST CSF framework is the most flexible and effective approach to regulatory compliance, making it easier and more cost effective to manage risk, and meet federal and state regulations concerning privacy and security. The ability to customize means we can tailor HITRUST CSF so it delivers exactly what our clients want and need.

Now that our processes are HITRUST CSF-certified, your valuable customer information is protected as it travels throughout our data management process. From access control to data transmission to job tracking, your information moves more efficiently through our systems and remains secure every step of the way.

We’re here for you

We listened to what you wanted and then changed our priorities to align with yours – providing security, reducing program complexity and improving patient engagement.

We’re ready to help. To learn more about our capabilities, contact us today to schedule a visit. We look forward to serving you and protecting your interests.

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